Sunday links

Issandr El Amrani says the Middle East is responding to the reelection of Barack Obama with a collective shrug. And that’s a good thing.

Tom Friedman has some news for the Jewish State. No, Barack Obama won’t be re-doubling his efforts during the second term to push Israel toward peace with the Palestinians, Friedman writes. “No, my Israeli friends, it’s much worse than you think: You’re home alone.”

It’s another “rocket day” in southern Israel. Schools are cancelled today after the latest round of violence kicked off between Gaza militants and the IDF on Saturday and has continued this morning.

Israeli officials are talking about more drastic military action. Prime minister Netanyahu has said Israel is prepared “to escalate” and “won’t sit idly by,” according to AFP.

Here is a video supposedly from Islamic Jihad, showing off some of its military hardware.

Elliot Abrams, who advised George W. Bush on Middle East affairs, warns Israel and the US against overreacting to the Palestinian Authority’s expected bid for recognition at the U.N. Along with the Obama administration and much of the Israeli government, Abrams appears concerned that slapping economic punishment on the PA could lead to its collapse.

Israel’s finance minister is threatening to cut off tax revenue to the PA.

For months on end, daily reports of human misery out of Syria must be having a mind numbing effect on news consumers. As a reminder that these relentlessly grim statistics actually refer to real human beings, the BBC’s Lina Sinjab has a moving piece about life in the Syrian capital nowadays.

Israel says it will respond if stray Syrian shells continue to land in the Golan.


After a Syrian mortar shell landed in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights today, the IDF has responded with a warning shot.

Finally, the situation in Syria is going from bad to worse, writes Josh Landis.

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